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Our goal at Rebel is to provide superb quality,  cutting edge product that is constantly evolving as we look towards leading the market. Our vision will be delivered by a passionate, fun filled team, in a customer oriented environment. 

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As a boutique company we are committed to delivering exceptionally beautiful, market influencing product with a focus on unique development and  exceptional service, to key selected partners.


Life is inspiring, fashion is inspiring, art is inspiring, but when you get to a small village in Nepal and you see the yarns and the colors in your hands there is nothing more inspiring than that, you just want to weave and weave...


In our work we try to combine the traditions and history of arts and weaving, with contemporary sensibility and fashion trends. With an understanding of design and fashion our collection is stylish, yet not overly complex or intrusive. It is easy to work with and can fit into any type of interior. 

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